The Latest Jewelry Trends in Various Dinner Parties

There is no denying that most women are crazy about fashion jewelry. However, some women don’t like to wear it. They complain that it is quite inconvenient and uncomfortable to wear various accessories. Admittedly, jewelry is unnecessary while doing some housework. For example, housewives have to take their rings off while washing dishes or clothes. But beautiful accessories are essential elements for some important occasions, like dinner parties.

When we attend a dinner party, we will always be attracted by the gorgeous dress and delicate makeup. At the same time, we can expect fashion jewelry. Usually, we will meet women and even some men with fashion pieces in various dinner parties. These pieces come in different colors, sizes, shapes, patterns, designs and styles. With so many choices, we can choose the suitable one to complete our overall look. Thus, it is necessary to know the latest jewelry trends in dinner parties.

Firstly, in recent years, accessories for dinner parties seem to be classic and elegant. More and more people prefer to wear items in classy styles. They believe these classic items can enhance their elegance and glamour. In most cases, jewelry is applied to match the fabulous dress or beautiful hair, thus, help to complete people’s overall look. Nevertheless, it is not wise to employ magnificent pieces for they will outshine the beauty of the wearers.

Secondly, party jewelry tends to be simple. In the past, many women were interested in intricate designs. They held the opinion that complex designs appeared more beautiful and expressive. Today, this conception experiences a totally change. At present, simple styles lead the market trend. People now keep a watchful eye to accessories with simple designs. They try to add beauty with simple and fewer jewelry pieces. These days, we can meet many people with simple pendants or bracelets in various dinner parties.

Thirdly, it is a hot trend to wear handmade pieces in a dinner party. People used to buy accessories from local retail stores. Usually, these pieces are sold at high prices which will cost people a lot. These days, jewelry making lead a fashion trend in the market. More and more people start to make their own jewelry for a dinner party. They can get cheap beads and other supplies from online wholesale stores. The great discounts and free shipping can save people a lot. What’s more, these handmade pieces can express people’s individuality.

Hottest New Jewelry Trends of Summer 2012

The summer of 2012 is going strong, and you have to make sure you look fashionable and chic even when it’s 100 degrees out. Read on to find out the season’s hottest jewelry trends.

Turquoise is and always will be a must have for the summer. The pale blue green color is reminiscent of blue skies and the ocean, and the best way to show off this hue is obviously through jewelry. A large turquoise ring will draw everyone’s attention to your hands, or a turquoise pendant will brighten up even the simplest t-shirt. You also won’t go wrong with bracelets or rings.

Turquoise isn’t the only hot color trend of the summer. Coral is definitely in, whether it be coral lipstick, blouses, skinny jeans, and of course, jewelry! Coral looks awesome with white, black, and everything in between. It’s particularly fashionable in a colorful necklace bib to draw the eye to your neck and face. People won’t stop staring, in the best way.

Bib necklaces are a big trend that recently made a comeback. The chunky statement pieces are a must have and can be worn on the weekends, to work, on a date, basically anywhere! Bibs are a great way to incorporate colorful gem stones, or you could go for a classier look by opting for a gold or silver bib necklace. Colored bib necklaces are good for giving your outfit that ‘pop’ while classic gold or silver can be used for any outfit any day of the week.

Next up is the tribal trend. You’ve probably seen jewelry inspired by the Southwest, whether it be dreamcatchers or bohemian knuckle rings. Any Native American, African, or other tribal jewelry is definitely in for this summer. Choose any colorful piece with resin or beads, and make sure to layer, layer, layer! Keep the rest of your outfit as simple as possible since your jewelry will do all the talking for you.

The summer means more parties and nights of going out. No matter how versatile most casual jewelry is, you’re going to want a much classier but still inexpensive jewelry piece to show off with your little black dress. For this, studs, pearls, and glitzy rhinestones never go out of style. I suggest shiny chandelier earrings with rhinestones, or a statement bib with pearls and crystals to give a very classy look.

You’ll be sure to find any of these hot trends in your local department stores or on various jewelry e-commerce sites. These trends can be shopped for cheap prices, so get shopping!